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Developing an App – Episode 2 – Time For A Rebrand?

19th June 2017

Rebrand your business so it’s ready for the mobile age

You may have been using the same logo and brand identity for many years, and it has probably served you well. But all logos, even those from giants like Coca Cola or McDonalds have been revised, tweaked and updated over the years to keep them modern, fresh and communicate the correct message for those times. However it is not always a wholesale change of branding that is required, those iterations are always subtle and looking back at the original logo you can still recognise who it is. If you search Google for ‘coca cola 1950’ you will see those classic advertisements sparking nostalgia in some but your recognition of the brand is instant.

If you are making your first step into the mobile space you will need to have a modern, fresh and recognisable presence on this new platform to be seen as current. Having an app where the logo and colour scheme look like they are from 1920’s is not going to engage the user as much as something that is fresh and modern where users find the brand engaging and exciting to look at. You can have the best user experience developers working on your app but if the brand isn’t stimulating and exiting users could be turned off immediately.

So when you need a new app (or maybe a website or any new market engagement) considering the following benefits of a rebrand:

  1. Attract prospects with a new exciting brand identity that is modern and gives them the feeling they want to work with you.
  2. The rebrand will communicate your company’s values and attracts the type of customer you want to work with.
  3. It communicates your companies professionalism and can give you the opportunity to increase your fees to your customers.
  4. Differentiate yourselves from your competitors, maybe adjust your company focus if needs be and stand out in your market place.
  5. People buy from people and if you staff are proud to wear your logo they will be more confident, engaging and their ability to enthuse others to work with you will be increased. Your rebrand will have a positive effect on staff, moral and engagement with customers and prospects.
  6. If you are pushing into new markets or your business model and demographic has changed over the years, the rebrand can help you achieve more success by resonating with that new demographic. Remember society and culture also changes over the years.
  7. Rebranding is a great opportunity for you to engage in plenty of social media activity even leading up to the change. Give your followers snippets of new ideas coming soon.
  8. When recruiting, potential high quality employees will see your brand identity and be inspired to work for you too.

When making a decision to rebrand your company, it is not one to be taken lightly and it does have its risks. It needs to be well researched and executed but it can bring amazing results. Not rebranding and leaving your company with an image that is looking tired and out of date could be much more of a risk for your companies future going forward than a rebrand.

Coming in Episode 3: How much does it cost to develop an app?