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The Future Of Your Phone Is Here And Its Not The Device Hardware

10th July 2018

Less Bezel Needs Better UI (User Interface) & UX (User eXperience)

Manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have been reacting to customer demand to have devices that are more screen, less bezel and slimmer. Consequently, we have some amazing current screen to size ratios, especially with phones. The iPhone X is 82.9% screen and the stunning Vivo Nex (above) is 86.2%. No doubt we will experience a 90% screen phone in the coming months.

With phones now seemingly converging into a common sleek glass shape ‘block’, some uniqueness of form will inevitably be lost. The days of individual phones that differentiate the iPhone from HTC and Sony could be coming to an end.

This is where the power of User Interface design and User eXperience becomes even more critical. This can be the defining factor when so many phones are going to be similar in design. Apple iOS has been the gold standard for a phone operating system for many years. Its beauty, functionality and ease of use beats all competitors. Admittedly, Android is not far behind but iOS keeps improving with every new release with fabulous new and unique features that keeps its nose in front.

Gooii are award-winning UI/UX designers and we can ensure that your app, website or virtual reality experience engages and inspires users. If you wish to work with our talented teams then please get in touch here.