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Porsche Adopts Augmented Reality In Workshops

5th June 2018

Up to 40% reduction in servicing costs for clients

For a long time, Gooii Nottingham has been promoting the commercial benefits from VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Many have seen these technologies as purely entertainment but we have seen the benefits for business from the very start. Porsche have been one of the first from the automotive industry to get behind this technology for genuine commercial benefit. They are beginning to implement “Tech Live Look” a new diagnostic technology at its dealership service departments. Porsche predict this could reduce repair times by up to 40 percent.

Using Augmented Reality glasses, Porsche technicians can see technical details projected via a display inside the lenses. The glasses also include a camera that can broadcast what the wearer sees to a specialist at Porsche HQ. The specialist can then talk the dealer technician through complex diagnoses and repairs. Tech Live Look also allows the technician to see service bulletins and schematics without having to step away from the vehicle.

“The automotive industry is ripe for digital transformation. Augmented reality presents one of the most promising ventures for the market across the value chain,” ABI Research Principal Analyst Eric Abbruzzese says. “Porsche’s announcement today highlights this. With the hands-free and connected capabilities of smart glasses proving invaluable for technician efficiency. Manufacturers, designers, service technicians, dealerships, and marketers can leverage AR in unique and tailored ways. Making the automotive industry a rapidly expanding market both in scale and opportunity.”

Currently, Tech Live Look has been rolled out to only three dealerships, but Porsche plans to have 75 equipped with the AR system year, and all 189 U.S. dealers should have it by the end of 2019.

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