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Using digital innovation to bring your ideas to life

  App and Website Design Agency

Generative AI image of Augmented Reality exhibition space

A Nottingham-based digital agency specialising in app development, digital experiences and emerging technologies

We’re a digital agency with head offices in Nottingham. We develop apps, Extended Reality experiences, websites and transport and ticketing solutions for people who want to innovate, streamline and add value to their businesses.

Established in 2001, our talented team of designers and developers create award-winning digital solutions for mobile and desktop platforms. They deliver value, drive business growth and provide return on investment.

Giving our customers the tools to shine

We’re passionate about the power of technology and its ability to make businesses stand out from the crowd. Our developers and researchers are at the forefront of app development and emerging technologies, continually testing, experimenting and pushing boundaries. These expertise mean Gooii’s pioneering R&D team is leading the way in connectivity and digital innovation.

Our team puts design, creativity and coding first

We have been established in the tech industry for nearly 25 years. The directors set up Gooii’s digital agency in Nottingham to put the end user first by using cutting edge design, creativity and coding excellence.  

Starting in education, we have since expanded and now work with commercial businesses, government projects, charities and within the culture and heritage sectors.

Since then, our apps, websites and XR experiences have been used by thousands of people around the world.

We’re a team of project managers, designers, app developers, bespoke web programmers, WordPress coders and software engineers. We also work alongside animators, film makers, database designers, 3D modellers and data visualisation experts. Together, we combine creativity, technology and innovation to go one step further than our competitors.

Collaborating with partners to connect with their customers

We work collaboratively with our clients so they can connect with their customers in new and creative ways.

One of our favourite parts of the process is bringing our clients’ ideas to life. We create fun, engaging digital solutions and user experiences using phones, headsets and computers.

We’re proud to have partnered with a continually growing list of national brands. This includes the BBC, NHS, RAF, Swim England, Molson Coors, Jisc, Spar, UK Police Force, Royal Armouries, Freeths, Royal Museums Greenwich and Cambridgeshire County Council.

BBC, NHS, RAF, Swim England, Molson Coors, Jisc, Spar, UK Police, Royal Armouries, Royal Museums, Cambridge University - clients of digital agency Gooii

In Nottingham we’ve partnered with Tramlink Nottingham, Nottingham City Transport, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council.

Tramlink, Nottingham City Transport, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council Nottingham based clients of digital agency Gooii

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Enhancing the real world with digital content

Augmented reality retail Coors AR designed by Gooii - Tesco supermarket

We build VR, AR and MR experiences using unique, award-winning technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We blur the lines between XR, cinema, theatre and live events to create experiences that have never been seen before. Why watch a movie when you can be in one, and interact with it?

We genuinely love exploring what Extended Reality can do to develop the heritage and tourism industries. This drive and determination has led us to developing immersive AR, which includes creating the world’s first ever interactive holographic movie.

Our team is also developing Web XR, and without the need to download special browsers or plugins, XR has never been more accessible.

Pioneering app development

Passaggi iOS and Adroid music app screens Gooii

The team of developers are leading the way in the world of apps. They’ve designed iPhone, iPad and Android apps for the retail, travel, transport, education, leisure, HR, culture and heritage and game industries.

Mobile ticketing for public transport and events

We use cutting-edge cloud technologies to develop a wide range of mobile ticketing apps and websites for the transport and events sectors. 

NETGO! Mobile Ticket App

Our transport portfolio includes bespoke ticketing apps and contactless websites for Nottingham’s transport networks. We can design the front-end interfaces, as well as the bespoke back-end systems and customer management systems to create complete solutions for our transport clients.

Digital agency specialising in website design

Nottingham Contactless Website

Our experienced web developers specialise in bespoke website design for businesses wanting to improve their digital presence. We also specialise in WordPress, ensuring we’re able to provide web solutions to suit a variety of budgets.


Enhancing communication with the Internet of Things

By using the Internet of Things (IoT), we’re able to connect our apps to physical devices via Bluetooth, Near-Field Communication (NFC) and WiFi. 

Gooii can build bespoke apps that allow companies and end users to manage and control their electronic devices remotely and wirelessly. The possibilities for this technology are endless. We’re at the forefront of developing for IoT devices. We’re constantly working hard to develop new technologies that enable businesses to operate more efficiently.

Committed to sustainable design

As a technology company, we know we must consider our carbon emissions and the energy consumption of the digital solutions we design. This is why we’ve committed to building energy-efficient products in order to minimise their emissions. Read more about our sustainability commitment

Digital agency Gooii is a Green Small Business

Discuss your project with our digital agency

Join hundreds of businesses already using the power of digital innovation to grow their businesses. If you’d like to speak to a Nottingham digital agency to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life, please get in touch.

Gooii bring Artificial Intelligence to the BBC. BBC RES (Research & Educational Space) is a research project that indexes and organises digital collections. Specifically, these can be from libraries, museums, broadcasters or galleries. RES makes this content more discoverable. Accessible and usable to those in UK education and research sectors from one source. Not only does the RES platform include imagery but also TV and radio programmes, documents and text. Furthermore, the content is curated and always of high quality from many world class organisations. They currently include The British Museum, British Library, The National Archives, Europeana, Wellcome Trust and the BBC archives. Discussions are also taking place to add more collections from UK institutions to enhance its content further.

An integral element of RES was to invite key developers like Gooii to create innovative digital educational products. They will inspire learners, teachers and researchers by using applications powered by the RES platform. The Gooii offering was RESBuilder and it has a number of unique features.

And the nominees are…
Judging is now complete and the results are in. Gooii are very proud to announce we are among the 2018 nominees for the VR Expo Awards for DriveVR.

Commissioned by Safer Roads, part of Warwickshire and West Mercia Police Force, DriveVR uses immersive virtual reality. Key to this is an interactive timeline concept to modify the behaviour of young drivers. DriveVR aims to reduce road accidents and saving lives. DriveVR also scored highly in in-depth user testing and feedback sessions. During these sessions users confirmed the positive impact of the app.

DriveVR has been nominated for both the ‘Immersive Education & Training Award‘ and the ‘Immersive Story Telling Award‘ where we are up against the BBC and Guardian Media Group.